365 Vintage Days: Holidays in Catalonia

I just recently landed back from a nice holiday in Catalonia, enjoying beautiful sites, great beaches and last but not least, the fantastic High Rockabilly Weekender. Although the weather this year was not as great as it normally is, we really had good time with our friends.

The next few posts will give an overview of the outfits I wore during the holiday, starting with our last day, at the beach.

I was wearing a pretty unusual cotton bathing suit, looking like a two piecer from the front, but actually a one piecer on the back. I also had red shorts, red ballerinas and a red beach bag. Because we were going to swim I limited my jewelry to my gold loop earrings. And my hair got messy from swimming… But it was so nice to have a swim in the warm waters of the Mediterranean.

I bought this lovely swimming suit from a vintage shop called ”Night and Day” in Chicago (on Belmont Avenue) in September 2012. I heard that the shop would be closed now, and I do hope it’s only a rumour. It’s so sad to see so many good vintage shops closing down one after the other.
I bought the shorts from the High Rockabilly Flea Market, just a day before the pictures were taken. I do have other red shorts but I have been putting on so much extra weight that I had to buy bigger ones. The beach bag is a purchase from the Hemsby Rock ’n’ Roll weekender, over ten years ago.

365 Vintage Days

365 vintage days was a bet and a challenge. From March 2011 to March 2012, during 365 days, I published every day a new post with a different vintage outfit and had you witnessing the challenge. I have been buying and wearing 50’s clothing and accessories – most of it casual - for more than twenty years and I am still doing so. This blog now continues ...

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7 thoughts on “365 Vintage Days: Holidays in Catalonia

  1. Chatja says:

    I’d love to have a bathing suit like that! Awesome! All pics have a great summer feeling and last one is my favorite, pure joy 🙂

  2. Jef says:

    Fantastic, where did you go exactly? My BF and I will head down to Barcelona in a few weeks too and would greatly appreciate (shopping-) tipps! best, Jef

    • 365 Vintage Days says:

      Hi Jef,

      Well, we did not go vintage shopping in Barcelona. We did our shopping at the High Rockabilly Weekender, from the vendors, and we found some cool things. For what I recall, Barcelona does not offer much 40’s or 50’s vintage. So, sorry, I can’t give you shopping tips.


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