365 Vintage Days: Home sweet home

I have been away for far too long time but there’s a good reason for it! Our new home!

We got the keys to our new appartment early February and started immediately with some renovations. Not this much but enough to keep both my husband and I very busy (especially him). We had some things done by others too, such as the bathroom – because it’s illegal here in Finland to do it yourself – but even this means a lot of work and supervision.

Then we started packing and finally moved in a month ago with the great help of a bunch of great friends. And found ourselves in the middle of a total chaos!

So no time to take pictures of outfits and no energy to write any posts. My main accessories after work lately have really been screwdrivers, hammers, painting brushes, drilling machines and the like and clothes… well… what one wears to wander around a total mess covered with construction dust.

And it’s getting ready now so it’s time for a couple of pictures… of the construction site and mess and of this weekend’s outfit. After all, this is not a blog about building bathrooms but about vintage outfits.


… in the bathroom

… and in the future dressing

March… unpacking after moving in

And I need to find a place for these…

and these too…

Those are still waiting…


Black and green striped woolen pants (Swedish dead stock, purchased during fall), a black beaded sweater (from the US), black ballerinas and green earings. The hammer is for the fun this time…

The picture was taken in the entry hall… we’re getting there – finally!
Rebuilding one’s nest is a tough work but a rewarding one.

365 Vintage Days

365 vintage days was a bet and a challenge. From March 2011 to March 2012, during 365 days, I published every day a new post with a different vintage outfit and had you witnessing the challenge. I have been buying and wearing 50’s clothing and accessories – most of it casual - for more than twenty years and I am still doing so. This blog now continues ...

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12 thoughts on “365 Vintage Days: Home sweet home

  1. Susie says:

    Glad to see your back! Hope you post some pictures of your new place when it’s finished. Love your outfit, it’s great finding nos.


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