365 Vintage Days: Rockabilly Rave 2014

Seems that I am not keeping the pace with posting… Today a couple of outfits that I wore on saturday at the Rockabilly Rave in the UK, already three weeks ago. At the rave this year we took surprisingly few outfit pictures and concentrated on spending time with friends. This means that there will be only one post about the Rockabilly Rave this year and only two outfits. Yet, we really had good fun, as allways at the Rave. We missed many bands but It’s always so nice to see friends and do some vintage shopping!

Saturday during the day I had a circle skirt, in pink with a novelty print of roses, feather quill pen, ink and love letter. This skirt is usually seen in black and pink and considered collectable. I found a pink one last September at the High Rockabilly weekender, from Tamara’s and Cyril’s vintage stall. Because the print also has a touch of green I paired the skirt with a green blouse, belt and purse as well as pink canvas shoes, and pink plastic jewelry. The belt is a recent purchase from flipville’s etsy shop. The sandals are from VintagEija’s vintage shop in Turku, the purse is from the flea market at the High Rockabilly weekender and the blouse is also from Tamara and Cyril’s vintage stall. The first picture was taken as I was just finished with the dishes and the second one together with my friends Erika and Maarit.

Later in the evening I changed into a dark-grey silverish dress with black velvet accents and a scalopped decoleté. I also had a silver tone costume jewelry set, a grey Llewellyn lucite purse, a black velvet bolero (it was chilly) and repro (read: comfortable) Rocket-original wedges that nicely combined grey and black suede. It would have been nicer to wear evening sandals but saturday was the third night of rocking and dancing… And I wanted to wear comfortable shoes to continue rocking and dancing.

Both the purse and the dress are very recent purchases from VintagEija’s shop. The velvet bolero is from a vintage shop in Vancouver, Oregon two years ago. I bought the shoes a few years ago from Rocket Original’s stall at a weekender in the UK. The costume jewelry set is from the US, probably 15 years ago.

365 Vintage Days

365 vintage days was a bet and a challenge. From March 2011 to March 2012, during 365 days, I published every day a new post with a different vintage outfit and had you witnessing the challenge. I have been buying and wearing 50’s clothing and accessories – most of it casual - for more than twenty years and I am still doing so. This blog now continues ...

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