365 Vintage Days: Suvi Vintage

Suvi means summer in Finnish and Suvi Vintage is the summer vintage event organised by the Fintage Association every year in Tampere.

Suvi Vintage always offers a lot: good vintage shopping of course but also a vintage fashion show, swing dance demonstrations and lessons, live music, vintage bikes and cars and more in a really nice location.

This post includes a video of the Suvi Vintage event from the Finnish TV news , showing also how I was dressed that day and hopefully giving you also the opportunity to feel the atmosphere there. Here’s the link. MTV 3 news June 29th 2014
The video’s first part was filmed at our home a couple of days before Suvi Vintage. I was then wearing a hot pink pencil skirt with a pink and white cashmere sweater and was just coming from work (that was my pink week).

At Suvi vintage I was wearing a drop waist cotton dress, in black, pink and hot pink, with a pink purse and canvas wedges and pink enameled metal costume jewelry set.

I had just purchased the dress at the Rockabilly Rave, from Debbie’s vintage stall. At the Rave, I also finally found the bracelet of this pink set, which I had been looking for for many years.

The purse and the wedges are from on-line shops.

365 Vintage Days

365 vintage days was a bet and a challenge. From March 2011 to March 2012, during 365 days, I published every day a new post with a different vintage outfit and had you witnessing the challenge. I have been buying and wearing 50’s clothing and accessories – most of it casual - for more than twenty years and I am still doing so. This blog now continues ...

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