365 Vintage Days: Tarragona and the Romans

Tarragona, like Barcelona, was already a city in Roman times and offers really interesting remains: a amphitheater, a horserace circus, city walls, a roman forum, an aquaduct … just to name a few interresting sites. Hence, we continued our touristic journey before the High Rockabilly with a day in Tarragona.

I was wearing a floral print skirt, with a salmon pink blouse, pink accessories and plastic jewelry.

I found the skirt last September from a vintage shop called ”Apparel from the Past” located in Baroda, Michigan. The blouse is from the Power big meet’s swap meet in Västerås, and purchased a few years ago. The pink canvas wedges are from VintagEija’s, the pink purse is from ebay, the belt from Etsy. The pink plastic clamp bracelet is from an Antique mall in Wisconsin, the earrings are from … well I can’t remember.

365 Vintage Days

365 vintage days was a bet and a challenge. From March 2011 to March 2012, during 365 days, I published every day a new post with a different vintage outfit and had you witnessing the challenge. I have been buying and wearing 50’s clothing and accessories – most of it casual - for more than twenty years and I am still doing so. This blog now continues ...

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