Fintage Fashion Show:

Autumn is really here as you can see by the marvellous colors! I don´t even miss summer anymore or feel sorry it went so fast!

Outfit itself is more of a sporty kind:

70’s jacket: UFF
skirt (a part of a 40’s suit): Ebay
winter socks: from an old shops storage
60’s brooch and screw back earrings -set: Etsy
scarf and gloves: some flea market
40’s shoes: Hasturin antiikki


I use the name Ester, though it is not my real name. Instead it is very finnish and very forties, as I would hope to be. A few years ago I fell in love with the period between late 30′s to mid 40′s. I adore the frumpy and practical, but ever so stylish 40′s homefront women and campus girls.

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