Fintage Fashion Show: 40’s dress with pink roses

You’ve already seen some great outfits from other members who attended Suvi-Vintage (Summer Vintage) event the other week.
I was there too, wearing one of my 40’s dresses. I traded it at swap meet to a 60’s suit with my friend, some 10-12 years ago. It’s made of black rayon with cute pink roses. On chest it has a beautiful embroidery on tulle. The original belt is lost, and that’s why I used a black belt which belongs to a repro dress.

There was also a 40’s fashion show and I was one of the swing-era models. I wore black and white saddle shoes on the show (repros).
After the show I was wearing black lace wedges from 40’s. I bought them at the vintage flea market of the Waltikka Rock ’n’ Roll ball in Valkeakoski a year ago.
I also had a 40’s purse which I purchased about 15 years ago from flea market. Unfortunately it’s not in the best condition anymore, but I really like its shape.

The silver wristband belonged to my grandma. This was her 20th birthday gift on year 1940.


I've been in 50's scene since mid 90's. I started by listening music of that era and soon I got interested in clothing and everything else that includes fifties culture, and forties too. But still music is number one for me! I mix vintage, repros and new clothes, yet I prefer vintage.

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