Fintage Fashion Show: Adding character and age

As a seamstress I enjoy making my own clothes. I also enjoy creating something ”new” from old. When I find reasonably priced second hand clothes with lovely fabric I might revamp it or reuse the material for something else. That is one way for ecological consuming. Using only vintage is another.

This dress I found over a year ago from flea market. It is actually 60’s wool/velvet dress. Dress was rather ill fitting and unflattering to me but I absolutely love wool crepe hem and that delicate patterned velvet. So I decided it is going to get new 30’s style look with couple alterations. I turned tight round neckline into wider v-shaped and long sleeves into short butterfly sleeves. I also added some details in the bodice and opened the hem as long as possible.

I think the dress got now more character and looks more vintage than it did before. It also fits better for my body and style. Only thing I’m not 100 percent happy with is the shiny buckle I added to the bodice, but that was the best I could do at the moment. I might have to replace that later when I find better buckle. You might notice in the photos that buckle changes place. I left it loose on purpose so I can slide it up and down on the little scarf that reaches from neckline to under bust.

I have been wearing the dress for 30’s style new years party and calendar photo shoot last weekend. I adore the plum red colour, it compliments my skintone very well. Shoes that I’m wearing with the dress are one of my favourite vintage shoes. They are burgundy leather Mary Jane pumps from 70’s, but they go rather nicely with 20’s and 30’s look. Feather stole is modern, fur stole in New Years ensemble is vintage but I’m not sure how old. You have seen the stole before in Jirina’s post.

Having a break in calender photo shoot in Grand Hotel Tammer

New Years party 2011, teamed with long gloves and fur stole.

This is what it looked like originally.


Rhia is seamstress by profession and likes all things beautiful, old and dusty. She enjoys the asthetics of times gone by: architecture, design, fashion, music, movies and so on. Her passion varies from late 1800's all the way to 50's and even 70's. However her favourite decades are 20's, 30's and 40's. She's not afraid to mix modern with old so you might see some modern and repro items in her outfits aswell.

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4 thoughts on “Fintage Fashion Show: Adding character and age

    • Rhia says:

      Thank you! I enjoy wearing these kinds of revamped, ”not that old” outfits because then I don’t have to be so carefull about the garment. I have a habbit of being a bit clumsy at times and tend to break vintage stuff 😀 Anyway, I enjoy these kinds of little projects where I can give more modern items old vintage look.


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