Fintage Fashion Show: Black Capri Pants

At the end of October Gizzelle and Carlos & the Bandidos performed in Finland, so I decided to put on my own ”bandida” outfit with little sombrero, peasant top and mexican style capri pants.
I bought the pants at Oilers fleamarket last May. I watched them all day, but I didn’t try them on, because I thought they wouldn’t fit. Since nobody bought them I decided to try my luck, and for my surprise I was able to put them on, even though they are a bit tight for me on waist.

Little sombrero is from the antique mall in Memphis, peasant top is from Viva las Vegas, purse is from second hand shop in London, bracelets are made by me.


I've been in 50's scene since mid 90's. I started by listening music of that era and soon I got interested in clothing and everything else that includes fifties culture, and forties too. But still music is number one for me! I mix vintage, repros and new clothes, yet I prefer vintage.

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