Fintage Fashion Show: Black tie

Here’s a little collage of what I wear when I go out to burlesque events, balls and other night time festivities. Mostly I wear my trusted black tie outfit, sometimes even the white tie, but of that one I have no pictures.

My black tie is from the 1930’s and has a great overall fit. Before I received my evening pumps I used black cap toe oxfords, which are a less formal choice. In this picture I am wearing a 1920’s top hat. Top hats were worn as part of the black tie in the 1920’s. And even though it was only a mode of the time, I do like how it looks.

And the evening pumps, handmade by Sakari Jakobsson.

Me wearing the black tie in the Champagne Circus event in Helsinki. Thank you Atelieri O. Haapala for the picture!

Here we are in Circus meets Burlesque 2011, Tampere. Thank you Rhia for this picture.

I always use detachable collars, a self-tie bowtie and a stiff bosom with my black tie.

Here I am in Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2012 and also wearing white chamois gloves. Thank you Atelieri O. Haapala for this picture.

I was recently celebrating my birthday in Stockholm. We had a lovely dinner at a traditional restaurant. Thank you Severin for this picture!

In summer I always wear my straw boater.

And sometimes I wear a smoking jacket, cap and spats! Picture taken at Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2011. Thanks to Atelieri O. Haapala for this picture.

That’s it. Have a good night out!


(ransk. flâneur) Henkilö, joka kuljeksii kaupungin kaduilla etsien kaupungin sielua. Tässä palstassa syvennytään melko kokonaisvaltaisesti 1900-luvun alun kulttuuriin. Käsittelen miesten pukeutumista, arkkitehtuuria, muotoilua ja muita taidemuotoja. Kirjoittaja on parikymppinen yliopisto-opiskelija Tampereelta, joka on innostunut art decosta, jugendista ja modernismista. Flanööraten edespäin!

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