Fintage Fashion Show: Blue cardigan

It was one of those delightfully sunny early fall days. Sitting at the balcony during midday the sun felt burning hot and you could almost fool yourself into believing it was still summer. But when walking outside, the air was chilly, so this is what I chose to wear.

I made this blue cardigan a couple of years ago, as well as a pair of 1930’s/40’s inspired high waisted slacks with side buttons and cuffs. Later I made a detachable bow out of the same fabric as the trousers. All seen together in the last picture. The knitted skirt is from this set and I’m wearing a thrifted modern cardigan around my shoulders. I found those navy blue suede shoes in July at an outdoors flea market and couldn’t believe my luck as they were my size. They are Finnish made, in pristine condition, hardly worn. There is a stamp inside indicating they were possibly made in the year 1935. The round 30’s shades I bought from Stockholm last summer.


A young lady from Tampere, Finland, with a passion for the old days. I have always been an aesthete, which eventually got me into vintage. I wear vintage daily and my pet period is the 1930’s. As certain vintage items are difficult to find I also often make my own clothes drawing inspiration from old magazines and photos. I have a soft spot for old shoes and aspire to surround myself with pretty vintage heels.

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6 thoughts on “Fintage Fashion Show: Blue cardigan

    • Marianne says:

      Thank you. At the time I went through all my vintage magazines looking for a pattern, but couldn’t find anything suitable, so eventually I made the pattern myself. I traced the patterns from a cardigan that fitted me, made the alterations I wanted and just made some calculations and compared it to the patterns every now and then while knitting. I wanted the actual knitting pattern to be very simple but pretty, and I made some trials before choosing the one I used. I wear this cardigan a lot, it is so versatile.
      I chose to make the sleeves this lenght because when ever I wear a sweater with full lenght sleeves, I tend to pull them up, I don’t know why…I just always do. 🙂

  1. Rebecka Mustajarvi says:

    Both of your outfits are fantastic – the cardigan looks amazing – I do a lot of knitting from 30s patterns but it isn’t always an easy journey to make things fit they way you want them too (mainly because of the yarns). Also, if you have any tips on setting your hair in such perfect pincurled fingerwaves let me know… 🙂

    • Marianne says:

      Thank you, Rebecka! 🙂 True, it is sometimes a bit tricky to combine modern yarns and vintage knitting patterns. I usually just set my hair with flat pincurls, I take quite small sections of hair and alter the direction of the curls in each row to form the waves. This alone makes nice waves and a good base, but when I want them more defined, I use wave clips.


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