Fintage Fashion Show: Blue, my new favourite colour

I have said many times that I don’t really like blue colour on clothing. However it seems to be invading my wardrobe big time. One of my latest purchase is lovely late 30’s/early 40’s crepe dress. I got it from Restauranta-swap meet which is held twice every summer in Kangasala, Finland. Dress had one hole in it and only one or two beads missing, otherwise it was in really good condition. Sleeves were very tight, so I gave little bit more room there, and some more room on the hips. But besides those, it fits nicely. It also feels really comfortable to wearbecause of the crepe weave. Crepe is one of my favourite material. It drapes beautifully and looks good. It is slightly stretchy and creates lovely figure hugging style, especially when made of wool, silk or other natural fibers.

Today I wore it with blue checkered jacket with cropped sleeves. Jacket is actually 60’s but it goes nicely with 30’s style because of the cut and wide belt at the back. Jacket was very large so I had to make quite a lot of intakes on pretty much every seam it has. There was enough leftover fabric so I had couple buttons covered and replaced plain blue buttons with fabric covered ones. Crochet bag is one of my favourites for summer. I assume it was made in 60’s or early 70’s. And shoes you have already seen, my favourite suede shoes by Clarks. I suppose this means I am starting to like blue.


Rhia is seamstress by profession and likes all things beautiful, old and dusty. She enjoys the asthetics of times gone by: architecture, design, fashion, music, movies and so on. Her passion varies from late 1800's all the way to 50's and even 70's. However her favourite decades are 20's, 30's and 40's. She's not afraid to mix modern with old so you might see some modern and repro items in her outfits aswell.

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