Fintage Fashion Show: Blue

I’m wearing a blue 1930s silk velvet evening gown with rhinestones.

My black velvet opera coat. The fabric, lining and fur collar were in pristine condition, but the seams were tearing by the lightest pull, so I had to re-stitch most of them and it is like new again. This one had been so well kept, there was hardly any evidence of it being over 70 years old.

Chainmail purse, Art Deco earrings and one of my most precious pair of heels.

Another beautiful cabinet portrait by Atelieri O. Haapala


A young lady from Tampere, Finland, with a passion for the old days. I have always been an aesthete, which eventually got me into vintage. I wear vintage daily and my pet period is the 1930’s. As certain vintage items are difficult to find I also often make my own clothes drawing inspiration from old magazines and photos. I have a soft spot for old shoes and aspire to surround myself with pretty vintage heels.

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