Fintage Fashion Show: Book of home

The book I have now is nothing special, just an interesting book with a pretty cover. It is a tip book about household, from 1953, called Kodin kirja (would be translated as The Home Book). I like to read this kind of tip books, especially the ones about style or make up. The book is published by a Finnish weekly magazine, Viikkosanomat, so there is not only pretty illustrations, but also cool advertisements. There is not any information about the illustrators, but seems that the book has more than one artist behind the pictures. At the end of book there is some make-up tips, and it looks like the drawings of those parts are created by Kyllikki Raustila,a Finnish fashion illustrator. She is not well known, but she was very productive from 30’s to 50’s.

My pretty yellow dress is from 50s, with cute ivory bow details on the peter pan collar and on the sleeves. I bought this at Etsy two years ago and it was my third vintage dress bought online. I had seen a picture of round collared wiggle dress and got a little envious, so I looked for a one for a long time at online shops. Then I found this one, just the right fashion and my favorite color. This would be perfect if it had the original belt. I am wearing it with a belt bought at flea market. The purse is also from Etsy – a white plastic covered straw purse, with a plastic-like lining, probably from the 60s. Ballerina shoes are modern ones, classic style, but I must admit that not very comfortable  ones – I’m sure I’ll buy better ones when I find them. They must walk toward me someday.

Purse and cover of the book

Illustrations from the book

P.S I know most of other bloggers have lately posted about their Suvi-Vintage outfits. I was here, too, but without a book, haha! Anyways, my other outfit can be seen here.


I think a book is the best accessory that there is. My style is inspired by the 20’s to the early 60s. It is nothing particulary glamorous, just an everyday vintage style inspired by all kind of arts. I like to think that my style reflects my poetry and the atmosphere of places I love: antique book shops, art museums and corner or window table of cafés. I’m trying to build my style on what I am: the girl who wanders alone on streets, exploring places, writing down inspirations for poems. I am interested in costume history, so I make research about the clothes a lot – still I don’t know everything.

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