Fintage Fashion Show: Casual Friday on Tuesday

These are the last summer days suitable for picnic. So that´s what I did. I headed to a park with a picnic basket. It was quite fun to eat some crepes with strawberry jam and fluffy whipped cream while others worked their socks off nearby in Outdoor Zumba.

I wore this 1940s flannel plaid dress wich is quite down to earth. And sooooo comfortable! It has these little pocket flaps on the waist and huge wooden buttons on the front. When I got the dress the buttons were the only thing to open to get the dress on. I had to put some press studs on the side because I got stuck once!

The shoes I´m wearing are  from the 40s as well and twins to the  shoes Marianne wore in this post! These brown half leather half suede shoes are more common than I would have thought. I know one other person in Fintage besides myself and Marianne who has an equal pair.

The satchel is something I take along with me almost every day. I think it suits me better than a purse. The bag too is old (I´m not sure how old) and it states under the flap that it is made of real cowhide.  I´ve carried it around so much and it shows. You could say it´s being held together by ”holy spirit”, but I will carry and love it until the bitter end.

40s dress: Ebay
40s wooden ski boot brooch:
Satchel: LA Kirppis, Hämeenkyrö (it cost only 4 euros!!)
Belt: from some flea market
40s shoes: Etsy


I use the name Ester, though it is not my real name. Instead it is very finnish and very forties, as I would hope to be. A few years ago I fell in love with the period between late 30′s to mid 40′s. I adore the frumpy and practical, but ever so stylish 40′s homefront women and campus girls.

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