Fintage Fashion Show: Comfortable choices

Last time I missed my slot for post. I was way too tired after the photo shoot to write anything. But you can see my vintage outfit from that weekend in fabulous Fintage Airline-photos Jirina took, including 50’s wiggle dress and gray 60’s army jacket.

Today I wanted to share this blue outfit. It was given to me by sweet Marianne who also writes on this blog. Fabric is the softest you can imagine and dress is very comfortable to wear. It is actually one of my favourites. I wear it often when I’m lazy or when I need that certain comfy and cozy feeling. Dress is most likely from 50’s but I like the way it looks quite 30’s at the same time. Cut is very simple, but collar lace and pockets are lovely details. Here I’m wearing it with my favourite shoes again. During summer time I love to use crochet bags. They are large and can carry lot of stuff. This particular one has quirky pink lining.

Under the dress I’m wearing silk slip. 30’s and 40’s underwear is hard to find in my size so I made this powder pink silk slip myself in the 40’s style. Neckline has silk yarn embroidery in powder pink. Bias cut makes it very sleek and fitted. I love to wear it under the vintage dresses. Silk always feels soft and little bit luxurious to wear.


Rhia is seamstress by profession and likes all things beautiful, old and dusty. She enjoys the asthetics of times gone by: architecture, design, fashion, music, movies and so on. Her passion varies from late 1800's all the way to 50's and even 70's. However her favourite decades are 20's, 30's and 40's. She's not afraid to mix modern with old so you might see some modern and repro items in her outfits aswell.

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2 thoughts on “Fintage Fashion Show: Comfortable choices

  1. Marianne says:

    That slip is very beautiful, all that work with the hand embroidery paid off! I love seeing you in the blue dress, it really does suit you so well 🙂

  2. Rhia says:

    Thank you, indeed the hard work was all worth it. That slip is almost everything I want to wear at the moment 😀 however, not very practical on it’s own when winter arrives. I have been living in that blue dress past couple days, it is so cozy and I do like the cut and how it suits me. I love seeing me in that dress aswell 😀


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