Fintage Fashion Show: Depression

What fun we had last Saturday! Some of us in Fintage had a gathering in Lahti. The theme was depression time (but it might have been more like prohibition..). Markus was our kind host and we wanted to help him by bringing some theme-related foods and goodies. Markus made this ham soup (it was amazing – I almost licked the plate!), we brought bundt cake, Muonituslotta´s milkcake and some pancake-like dish wich was made using a recipe from the year 1917.

These outfit-pictures were taken the next day. As the Depression-Day turned into night with some waltzing and sauna, I look a bit tired. Sorry about that! My 40´s dress, jacket and hat are bought from a Fintage-friend.  Bag and belt are from various fleemarkets and  shoes were bought from – where else but – Etsy.

This dress has some nice details: bows on the bust, draping on the hips, adorable buttons and a beautiful cut on the cleavage.

Hat is made of straw. I had such a luck finding out my friend was selling it: I was just about to order one just like it from Etsy!

My wedges are also from the 40´s. They have cute hearts on them made with perforation.

I don´t know the age of my belt. It can as well be from the 50´s or from the 70´s. It has two leather belts tied together with metal buckles.


I use the name Ester, though it is not my real name. Instead it is very finnish and very forties, as I would hope to be. A few years ago I fell in love with the period between late 30′s to mid 40′s. I adore the frumpy and practical, but ever so stylish 40′s homefront women and campus girls.

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