Fintage Fashion Show: Dress swap

Some of Fintages members organized a swap meet in Tampere about a week back. I´ve never been in one, so it was all very new to me.  About ten vintage lovers came by ready to swap some of their own treasures they did no longer need. There were mountains of stuff: coats, dresses, blouses, shoes, jewelry, fabrics.. I didn´t find that much to take home with me, but I was glad to see all those goodies finding their way to a new loving home.

(Kuvat: Rhia Evildressmaker)

Above´s what I wore that day. The forget-me-not blue dress is (again) from my dear friend Mirva, she really keeps me clothed. She thinks it was originally a working dress. I do adore that (American) work clothing look (presented below)! The dress had also a typical white attachable collar, but I took it of for bleaching.

Blue dress – from Mirva
Red snood with a bow – Etsy; Arthelia´s Attic
Red screw back hoop earrings – Helsinki Vintage (I´ve forgot the seller!)
Red 70´s belt – flea market

(Pictures from here and here.)


I use the name Ester, though it is not my real name. Instead it is very finnish and very forties, as I would hope to be. A few years ago I fell in love with the period between late 30′s to mid 40′s. I adore the frumpy and practical, but ever so stylish 40′s homefront women and campus girls.

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