Fintage Fashion Show: Evening elegance

This was such a rare and amazing find. I bought this dress about a year ago. I was tipped off by Rhia (who’s also contributing to this blog), I recall, about a late 20’s – early 30’s evening gown at a local flee market and ofcourse I had to go check it out.

Photo by Sami Pesonen

Surprisingly the dress was a perfect fit despite being a tad bit too short.  The dress has a beautiful smocking detail on the neckline and sleeves and it looks as if it were only worn once or twice.

Smocking and corsage detail of the neck line

The fabric is a gorgeous silk changeant-taffeta waved in lavender and red. The fabric has a very special feature to it for it has at the same time moire and jacquard weave to it. Moire looks like billowing water and jacquard is a pattern (large dots in this case) generated by changing the weave of on the fabric.

Close up of the fabric

The gloves on the first photo are modern and the cigarette holder was a gift with my name carved on it. Ps. I don’t smoke 🙂


I'm a clothing designer by education and a self taught seamstress. I fell in love with vintage fashion some 5 years ago and haven't looked back since. I sew the majority of my wardrobe myself, so you'll probably see a lot of vintage reproduction here. My favourite decades are the 40's and 50's.

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