Fintage Fashion Show: Giant pants of the 30′s

I’ve been so inspirated of this blog called Giant Pants of the 30′s.
There’s great 1930′s pictures and lovely styles! I can really recommend to follow it.
These photos were taken at Serlachius museum in Mänttä. There is a great 1935 milieu.

This outfit is 30′s inspired. I’m wearing “giant pants” which are new and a 30′s blouse.
Jacket is from the 50′s and the beret is vintage.
Shoes are one of my treasures! They are early 40′s oxford shoes.
All these were found from a fleamarket.

So, Is there anything better than Giant pants?


I'm a photographer who's mad about a vintage. Especially I adore 30's and 40's. I'm also photographing calendar for Fintage and writing vintage photography inspired blog called Aukko menneisyyteen.



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