Fintage Fashion Show: Hillbilly Western

My husband had a record release party and at the same time we celebrated his birthday with a big crowd, because on the actual birthday was spent with the family. We had a beautiful seaside view from the venue!

I wore two piece rayon gabardine western outfit, including skirt and shirt with suede fringes. The suit is in excellent condition in every way. For a long time I searched a western outfit in particular with skirt and shirt (or vest), so I was very glad when my Spanish friend asked me a couple of years ago if I were interested buying this, before she put it on Ebay.

The label of this outfit is Hillbilly Westerns Denver. The factory has manufactured outfits with this same shirt but combined with pants. I’ve seen them on sale couple of times, but mine is the only one with skirt that I’ve seen.

I also had a brown western purse, cowgirl boots and western belt.

Sylvie of ’365 vintage days’ was there also and we decided to take a picture of our western suits. You can find Sylvies outfit from here too:


I've been in 50's scene since mid 90's. I started by listening music of that era and soon I got interested in clothing and everything else that includes fifties culture, and forties too. But still music is number one for me! I mix vintage, repros and new clothes, yet I prefer vintage.

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3 thoughts on “Fintage Fashion Show: Hillbilly Western

  1. Laurence says:

    Gorgeous outfit!
    I have never thought about buying western clothes… I have a few squaw dresses but I think that this kind of suits are made for thin girls.
    Love the pictures of you with Sylvie, bright smiles!!!


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