Fintage Fashion Show: Introducing myself and a 50s plaid dress

Hello everyone!

I’m Cherise, one of those vintage fanatics contributing to this new blog series called the Fintage Fashion Show. I’m an independent clothing designer and mostly self taught seamstress from Tampere, Finland. I work for my own clothing label full-time and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Aside from my work I love browsing through the Internet and rummaging the flea markets for vintage treasures. I collect vintage sewing patterns and magazines and I sew a great deal of my own wardrobe. In addition to that I buy most of my clothes used. I also have a soft spot for shoes, but unfortunately it’s very hard to find wearable vintage shoes in my size.

What I love about vintage fashion is the overall design of the garment, how all the details and cuts have been carefully thought of and how beautifully the piece has been assembled. I also love the feel of the materials: heavy rayons, wools, cottons and silks, their rich colours and imaginative prints. They just don’t make fabrics and clothes like they used to, when each garment was made individually for its wearer and most importantly, made to last.

The first outfit I’m going to present is a green wool dress I made after a late 50’s Marian Martin home sewing pattern. Marian Martin was a mail order pattern company in the 30’s trough 50’s. This particular pattern is a misses’ pattern, but I have come to the conclusion that the American teens’ or misses’ patterns actually fit my body type the best rather than those full figure patterns that are always too large in the wrong places. I like my dresses closely fitting. I didn’t need to make too many changes to the pattern, just lengthen the front bodice a bit and add a tad bit ease on the waist. I chose this green and black plaid wool blend fabric, well, because I like green and it was pretty close to the original design. The 50’s shoes I’m wearing in this picture are from a car boot sale as well as the hat, although I cannot tell you the exact age of the hat. My best guess is that it’s also from the 50’s or 60’s. The 60’s vinyl purse is from a local flee market and the gloves are modern.


I'm a clothing designer by education and a self taught seamstress. I fell in love with vintage fashion some 5 years ago and haven't looked back since. I sew the majority of my wardrobe myself, so you'll probably see a lot of vintage reproduction here. My favourite decades are the 40's and 50's.

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5 thoughts on “Fintage Fashion Show: Introducing myself and a 50s plaid dress

  1. Erru says:

    Very beautiful outfit and everything suits so well together! And thank you for letting us all know a bit of the origins of this model. It always adds the interest when you see the idea or sewing pattern and then what’s come up with it. This is a very flattering photo and you can be very proud of those findings (hat, bag, shoes) and your skills. Looking forward!


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