Fintage Fashion Show: Introduction en anglais

As some of the readers here might recognize, I already write my own blog within this one that is called Flanööri. Now, however, I aim to contribute to another endeavour: a cross-section of the Finnish vintage scene, the Fintage Fashion Show blog.

I write to you in English, unlike my Flanööri blog, which is written in Finnish. We here at Fintage Fashion Show wish to give everyone (everyone who can speak our current lingua franca, that is) the chance  to marvel how varied the Finnish vintage scene actually is. We certainly have many different styles at play here: from 50’s American to the 60’s, pure 30’s, 40’s, mixed style and so on.

You will be seeing my outfits every other Friday. There are a number of us writing this and we all have our separate days. You will see posts 4 to 5 times a week.

I’m not sure whether all of us Fintage Fashionistas will be mentioning their weekday so be sure to keep in mind the day when your favourite posts their outfits!

Perhaps I ought to disclose something of myself before I begin posting pictures.

I am a student living in Tampere, Finland and I dress in vintage clothing every day. I will at the very least be wearing one item every day that is true vintage. And more often than not, at least one item that is a very accurate reproduction.

My cup of tea is the 1920’s and the 1930’s. As a whole I prefer the time period between the two World Wars, 1919-1939, a marvelous two decades in terms of art, literature, design, architecture, and of course clothing.

As a closure (it ended before it started, didn’t it?) I will post my first outfit.

This one is not from today, certainly, but I thought it only fitting, as this is an introduction, to kick things off with a formal bang.

I am wearing a 1930’s black tie with a 1920’s topper, detachable bosom and collar, self-tie bowtie and oxfords. I have a pair of patent leather pumps to wear with this outfit but I did not have them finished yet in this picture.

By the way, the lady in the back is also posting, and on mondays. Keep that in mind as it is a treat!


(ransk. flâneur) Henkilö, joka kuljeksii kaupungin kaduilla etsien kaupungin sielua. Tässä palstassa syvennytään melko kokonaisvaltaisesti 1900-luvun alun kulttuuriin. Käsittelen miesten pukeutumista, arkkitehtuuria, muotoilua ja muita taidemuotoja. Kirjoittaja on parikymppinen yliopisto-opiskelija Tampereelta, joka on innostunut art decosta, jugendista ja modernismista. Flanööraten edespäin!

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3 thoughts on “Fintage Fashion Show: Introduction en anglais

  1. Miriam says:

    I know you two were quite recently in Stockholm, visiting Karin, Johannes and Mikael, and I’m so sad I missed you! I’d love to meet you if you visit again.


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