Fintage Fashion Show: Midsummer festivities

Midsummer day simply refers to the period of time centered upon the summer solstice, but more often refers to specific European celebrations that accompany the actual solstice, or that take place on a day between June 21 and June 24, and the preceding evening.

I usually celebrate the Midsummer day (and night) with family in my parents summer cottage in the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by dark spruce forrests and a little lake. Watching how the sun rays are sifted between birch leaves, listening neverending birdsong and counting the number of forthcoming happy years from cuckoos singing (a finish tradition).  This year it was different. I spend the first day of Midsummer in Tampere with some friends. We had a lovely pic nic in Koskipuisto,  a park in the middle of the city. In the evening we went to see how juhannusjuna (Midsummer train) rested a short while at Tampere´s raillway station.

This is what I wore. The picture is taken day time. In the evening I also wore some white gloves and red lipstick. In the etiquette from the 40’s it says that you shall not wear gloves when you eat, but it is required that the gloves are on when walking on the streets of a big city. Nevertheless I rarely use gloves. Or red lipstick. I’m trying to find a more neutral shade, maybe with a little orange twist.

The dress is a present from my spouse. Originally it´s from Etsy. I would say the dress is at least 70 years old, but still in a mint condition! I adore the detailing and the silhouette: strong sholders makes a bit top heavy impression.

The hat is shown better below. It´s also an Etsy-find and from around the same period as the dress. The hat is made from straw and it has some light pink silk flowers in the back.

And finally but not the least my one (of many) true love: the shoes! Sold to me by this lovely lady Marianne who is also posting here! The shoes date back to the 30’s.


I use the name Ester, though it is not my real name. Instead it is very finnish and very forties, as I would hope to be. A few years ago I fell in love with the period between late 30′s to mid 40′s. I adore the frumpy and practical, but ever so stylish 40′s homefront women and campus girls.

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