Fintage Fashion Show: My boy

This grey late 50s suit is from Etsy, as many of my clothes. It has peter pan collar, pointed cuffs and a pleated skirt – it is pretty and formal at same time! The material is unknown, something synthetic, I suppose, maybe rayon blend, and the buttons are brown. It has a tag that says “Lady Renlyn”.

When I saw this suit on Etsy, I thought that it is something I’ve dreamt of – partly because one of my paper dolls has same kind of suit. Unfortunately it was too expensive and I had to forget it. Few months later, I spotted it again, now on sale – still I was not quite sure whether to buy it or not, so I showed the picture of suit to my mom and said:

“Tell me that I don’t need this suit.”

The answer was simple: “My darling, I can’t say so, it’s so lovely!”

If I you see me on the street begging money, blame my mother. Well, at least I will have a stylish suit on.

When I asked my father to take a picture of me, he wanted those dolls to be in the picture, just because they are as creepy as the comic book.

The shoes I have with suit are from 30s or 40s, bought from Suvi-Vintage – they were also love at first sight.  I do love those scalloped edges. The 60s purse, or a small suitcase is from flea market. Hat is a gift from my dear friend Ester. The umbrella is from an antique shop at Turku.

The book I have with the suit is Olivier Schrauwen’s comic book “Poika Kulta” (Mon fiston, or My boy as english). It is a surrealistic, grotesque but beautifully drawn story about a man and his tiny son, imitating early 1900s style, slightly like Little Nemo, which is a most beautiful comic ever.

The reason why I accessorize this suit with the book is not only because my outfit has the same colors as the cover. I had the jacket of this suit on, when I and my friend were at Helsinki Comic Book Festival in the autumn 2011. Oliver Schrauwen was there autographing his books. I had to go ask one for me and say that I’m also the same kind of nostalgic as him. He laughed friendly and asked what to draw for me, and I told him that he can draw anything he wants.

He smiled and said: “I’ll draw you!”

So, now I have the coolest autograph ever. As you can see, I had a very wide smile when he was drawing me.  This photo is taken at the same day when I got the autograph.

Thank you once again, Olivier, if you read this.

P.S Next Helsinki Comic Book Festival is coming next weekend. I’ll be there again.


I think a book is the best accessory that there is. My style is inspired by the 20’s to the early 60s. It is nothing particulary glamorous, just an everyday vintage style inspired by all kind of arts. I like to think that my style reflects my poetry and the atmosphere of places I love: antique book shops, art museums and corner or window table of cafés. I’m trying to build my style on what I am: the girl who wanders alone on streets, exploring places, writing down inspirations for poems. I am interested in costume history, so I make research about the clothes a lot – still I don’t know everything.

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2 thoughts on “Fintage Fashion Show: My boy

  1. nancyworegreenstockings says:

    Your mom was right; that suit is darling and you look darling in it! I love absolutely everything that you’re wearing and I’m more than a little envious of that amazing handbag/small suitcase and your lovely, lovely shoes!


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