Fintage Fashion Show: One of my best flea market findings

Today I am wearing a blue English made coat. Besides that I have beige-brown handbag and hat outfit set, brown suede shoes, navy gloves and navy rhinestone earrings.

The coat is one of my best flea market finds. I found it a few years ago, on a traditional Finnish flea market round of mine in a small country town. I found in addition to the coat ten pairs of 40s and 50s shoes, in my sister’s and mine size, as well as dresses and other clothing. Flea market merchants said that the goods were of the collection of small town fine lady, which had been planned to be thrown into the trashes after the lady’s passing away. This lady, judging on the collection, was a wonderful sight on the streets a small country town in the 50’s. I paid for everything only a few euros, so this was a real happy day for me!



Dressing in vintage clothing is part of my lifestyle, which is due to my love of music from 1940s to 60s era. Almost all my vintage items date back to 50s and early 60s (small part is already from 40s). In this blog I shall only present vintage items (unless specially noted). Besides collecting vintage items, I love going to parties in good company and having looong hot rod car runs. I will post every other Friday (even numbered week). I hope my outfits will delight you or even better inspire you! By the way, I am not in the Facebook, so I can not comment on those messages. Messages left via Facebook are of course welcome, but I will not be able to comment them in these circumstances. IN FINNISH: Vintage-pukeutuminen on osa elämäntapaani, joka on seurausta rakkaudestani 1940 - 1960-luvun musiikkiin. Lähes kaikki vintageni on 50-luvulta ja 60-luvun alusta (pieni osa on jo 40-luvulta). Tässä blogissa esittelen ainoastaan vintage-tavaroita (ellei toisin mainita). Vintage-keräilyn lisäksi tykkään käydä juhlimassa hyvässä seurassa sekä tehdä pitkiä hot rod -ajeluja. Postaan aina parillisen viikon perjantaina. Toivon, että asuni ilahduttavat, tai vielä parempi, inspiroivat sinua! Muuten, en ole Facebookissa, joten en voi kommentoida Facebookin kautta jätettyjä viestejä. Facebookin kautta jätetyt kommentit ovat tietenkin tervetulleita, mutta en pysty vastaamaan niihin.

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One thought on “Fintage Fashion Show: One of my best flea market findings

  1. nancyworegreenstockings says:

    You look lovely and I can only imagine what a delight it must’ve been to stumble on such a wonderful mountain of vintage goodies that fit, and for dirt cheap! How lovely! Your sister must’ve been very happy too.


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