Fintage Fashion Show: Rain or shine

Last week I started my holiday properly and spent most of my time traveling. While traveling casual, expecting plenty of walking and the weather constantly changing from nice and sunny to cold and rainy, my outfit choices consisted of comfy linen and viscose and low heels. In addition I always need a large bag to carry all the necessities.

The skirt in both outfits is of my own creation, made in 1930’s style with knife pleats and ceramic triangular buttons. The short sleeved blouse is a vintage piece I was fortunate enough to come across in a flea market. Delicately hand embroidered and hand stitched, in flawless condition. The beret is vintage, as is the bag, which used to belong to my aunt. The espadrilles are some modern ones I adorned with ribbons.
In my second outfit the shirt is modern, the leather school bag most likely my father’s old and the 1940’s leather and suede brogues are from Etsy. I borrowed the vintage tie from my dear friend Flanööri.


A young lady from Tampere, Finland, with a passion for the old days. I have always been an aesthete, which eventually got me into vintage. I wear vintage daily and my pet period is the 1930’s. As certain vintage items are difficult to find I also often make my own clothes drawing inspiration from old magazines and photos. I have a soft spot for old shoes and aspire to surround myself with pretty vintage heels.

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