Fintage Fashion Show: Red Fringes

We spent a nice evening in an old and idyllic hotel at Karjaa. Our trip included live music and fleamarkets. I took lots of pictures in a beautiful environment, but unfortunately most of them are bad quality or complitely failed because of a camera failure.

I was wearing black western shirt with red fringes. Its label is Rockmount Ranchwear which has been around since 1946 and it’s still active. I’m not sure how old my shirt is, but their style has been the same ever since.

My black pencil skirt is from fleamarket and I’ve sewed the red fringes myself. I got the idea from my friend who did the same.

Red belt, black leather purse with red and mustard flowers, and black boots with also red and mustard flowers are all fleamarket finds. Red hair flower I’ve made myself.


I've been in 50's scene since mid 90's. I started by listening music of that era and soon I got interested in clothing and everything else that includes fifties culture, and forties too. But still music is number one for me! I mix vintage, repros and new clothes, yet I prefer vintage.

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