Fintage Fashion Show: Springtime is here!


By the way I will post on the 17th of May, so I shall miss my next Fintage Fashion Show -posting slot.



Since my photographer is on work trip, I can’t have my outfit pictured. This time I am posting a special one, without presenting a full outfit.

The signs of spring are here day after day, academic year is coming to end and people are having their hobby cars out from garages. This is why I started on one day to miss my summer season clothes. So it is time to have a peek in storage boxes and say Hello! to spring and summer wardrobe!

Next I am trying to rise your spring fever by presenting some of the finds from my boxes.

From a first box I found pair of shorts and pedal pushers cutely folded over.
Some sun tops to follow.
I couldn’t even imagine a summer look without straw and wicker purses.
Butterflies and roses…
…flowers and Hawaiian prints…
…polka dots, harlequin and colourful mexican prints. Oh dear, how I have missed these prints!
Some shoes in summery colors.
White earrings belong to summer, as flower earrings of course do.
This is maybe a bit too early, but here are couple of my bathing suits.

Wellcome sunshine!

Bye, Bye wool and furs.


Dressing in vintage clothing is part of my lifestyle, which is due to my love of music from 1940s to 60s era. Almost all my vintage items date back to 50s and early 60s (small part is already from 40s). In this blog I shall only present vintage items (unless specially noted). Besides collecting vintage items, I love going to parties in good company and having looong hot rod car runs. I will post every other Friday (even numbered week). I hope my outfits will delight you or even better inspire you! By the way, I am not in the Facebook, so I can not comment on those messages. Messages left via Facebook are of course welcome, but I will not be able to comment them in these circumstances. IN FINNISH: Vintage-pukeutuminen on osa elämäntapaani, joka on seurausta rakkaudestani 1940 - 1960-luvun musiikkiin. Lähes kaikki vintageni on 50-luvulta ja 60-luvun alusta (pieni osa on jo 40-luvulta). Tässä blogissa esittelen ainoastaan vintage-tavaroita (ellei toisin mainita). Vintage-keräilyn lisäksi tykkään käydä juhlimassa hyvässä seurassa sekä tehdä pitkiä hot rod -ajeluja. Postaan aina parillisen viikon perjantaina. Toivon, että asuni ilahduttavat, tai vielä parempi, inspiroivat sinua! Muuten, en ole Facebookissa, joten en voi kommentoida Facebookin kautta jätettyjä viestejä. Facebookin kautta jätetyt kommentit ovat tietenkin tervetulleita, mutta en pysty vastaamaan niihin.

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5 thoughts on “Fintage Fashion Show: Springtime is here!

    • Bubble says:

      I am always very precise with my belongings and I have a certain box for each item. This is why I easily find all my things when needed. 🙂

  1. 365 Vintage Days says:

    Well, I am also very precise with my belongings and have always my sweaters in piles by colour and lenght of the sleeve, my skirts by style (pencil, full skirt, summer, winter), my earrings and bracelets by colours, as well as my purses etc… but I have quite a big collection now and I am running out of room… So I now start having boxes also with different colours of purses in the same box and nothing can be as orderly as it used to be.


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