Fintage Fashion Show: Tiki Time

I’m Chatja and I’ve been in 50’s scene since mid 90’s. I started by listening music of that era and soon I got interested in clothing and everything else that includes fifties culture, and forties too. I like to go to rockin’ parties to dance and listen to the music. Whenever I can, I go to foreign events too. Of course I like to do some vintage shopping on the side. My home is decorated in 50’s style along with some tiki stuff, so I do not only buy clothes but all the other 50’s things as well.

Music is still number one for me and that’s why my record collection is bigger than my wardrobe. I do a lot of swapping because my taste of styles vary from time to time. At the moment I’m into western wear, hawaiian dresses and fringes, all kind of fringes. I mix vintage, repros and new stuff, yet I prefer vintage. Shoes are a slight problem for me. I had to give up wearing most of my high heels because of a minor foot injure. I haven’t yet been able to replace the high heels I’ve sold with more comfortable wedges or flats, so I have very few shoes to wear.

Few days ago we celebrated my friend’s birthday at tiki bar Kokomo in Helsinki.

I was wearing yellow and brown one shoulder hawaiian dress with a scarf and a matching belt . I purchased the dress from etsy few years ago and it’s one of my favourites.

I purchased the bamboo purse from my friend at the vintage flea market of the Waltikka Rock ’n’ Roll Ball in Valkeakoski two years ago. When not in use it’s a part of decoration of my living room.

Light brown wedges I bought from flea market last year. They are in good condition from outside, but they are so worn inside that I can’t see the label.

”Carmen Miranda” style jewelry I’ve crafted myself, and I’m also selling them at the events.


I've been in 50's scene since mid 90's. I started by listening music of that era and soon I got interested in clothing and everything else that includes fifties culture, and forties too. But still music is number one for me! I mix vintage, repros and new clothes, yet I prefer vintage.

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3 thoughts on “Fintage Fashion Show: Tiki Time

  1. Erru says:

    Stylish outfit Chatja! We’ve had some nice moments partying and you wearing these! Those shoes I cannot remember right away, but I must say, they are a very good find – you can mix them with lots of things!
    I am very excited for this new blog and look forward seeing you every other wednesday here since I know you can carry fringes and western wear with a sassy style. Both of these styles are not the easiest to find and may not be as good looking with someone else carrying them. And S (365 Vintage Days) I can almost promise you, that you will see another beautiful dress with brown and yellow together 😉
    And please Chatja, do show a closer look for everyone of these beautiful bracelets and hair accessories you’ve made, they are worth it!

    • Chatja says:

      Thank you ladies 🙂
      You’re right Erru! Another great yellow and brown dress is waiting for some hot summer parties to come 😉 Stay tuned – you’ll see!


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