Fintage Fashion Show: Toned down vintage feeling

Last weekend was the Verkatehdas Vintage in Hämeenlinna, where vintage people can meet and find treasures to cherish. This time I wanted to wear something little bit more toned down but still vintage style.

I got this black dress from local theater’s flea market where they were selling old theater costumes. It is 30’s style but reproduction, quite basic shirt dress cut. Buttons are vintage glass buttons. And who knows, fabric could also be vintage. With the dress I wore green silk waistcoat. It is modern and probably ethnic origin, but the technique used to put it together, fagoting, is traditional old method. It was used quite a lot in vintage blouses and underwear for decoration. I found this waistcoat from flea market last spring. Colour is unusual for me, but I kind of like the vintage feeling it has and it reminds me of late 20’s style.
I was so busy at the vintage fair I didn’t have the time to take any photos so I’m using older photos of same outfit.


Rhia is seamstress by profession and likes all things beautiful, old and dusty. She enjoys the asthetics of times gone by: architecture, design, fashion, music, movies and so on. Her passion varies from late 1800's all the way to 50's and even 70's. However her favourite decades are 20's, 30's and 40's. She's not afraid to mix modern with old so you might see some modern and repro items in her outfits aswell.

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