Fintage Fashion Show: Waves

This dress is something I found from my late aunt’s wardrobe a couple of years ago. It did not quite fit me and the print of this 1960’s number was a bit too psychedelic for my taste, but there was something about it that made me want to hang onto it. It is 100% wool and the combination of those neutral colours; grey, beige, yellow and cream, is very pretty. Just the other week I then decided to give it a go. I had to take it in a little bit, mostly to make the skirt narrower. With the right accessories I think it works well for a casual 1920’s sort of look.

I bought this gorgeous 1920’s straw cloche hat from a vintage boutique in Stockholm over a year ago. I found the velvet bag from the same shop a week ago and it instantly became my favourite. The vibrant orange colour matches with my hair and the Art Nouveau quilting details are so unique and lovely. 1920’s shoe candy were purchased from eBay.


A young lady from Tampere, Finland, with a passion for the old days. I have always been an aesthete, which eventually got me into vintage. I wear vintage daily and my pet period is the 1930’s. As certain vintage items are difficult to find I also often make my own clothes drawing inspiration from old magazines and photos. I have a soft spot for old shoes and aspire to surround myself with pretty vintage heels.

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7 thoughts on “Fintage Fashion Show: Waves

  1. Ia says:

    You look absolutely perfect in this picture! Everything is just right – hair, hat, dress, shoes… I could look at it all day! Stunning!

  2. Cassandra says:

    Hello Marianne

    you have a lovely style !
    May I ask you which kind and shade of haircolor you use ? And what your naturaly hair color was ?

    Many thanks and kind regards


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