In English

Fintage is a Finnish association, internet forum and blog. Our aim is to preserve culture of the days gone by and spread knowledge about vintage (loosely defined: things older than 40 years). Fintage also likes to gather friends of vintage together for picnics, public events and nights out.

Fintage ry (ry for registered association) is based in Tampere. The association administrates the Fintage forum, blog and is officially recognized. This means that we can arrange big public events, apply for cultural grants and play an active role in the preservation of vintage culture in Finland.

We are mainly a Finnish crowd, hence the name Fintage (a blend of Finnish and vintage). We turn nobody away at Fintage, but officially joining our organization requires Finnish citizenship.

Our blog features some miniblogs which are written in English. These include at least 365 Vintage Days and Fintage Fashion Show. They are definitely worth a look! We like being international so a part of the content will remain to be in English.

The Fintage forums are only in Finnish, hence, participating in the conversations can be troublesome for someone not well versed in this language. The forums are primarily for Finnish people because we are the only vintage forum in Finland. If you are looking for a place to chat vintage in English The Fedora Lounge may be worth visiting.

The first Fintage pique-nique in 7/2010