Fintage Fashion Show: Forget Me Not

You might have read about the Summer-Vintage fair held in Tampere couple weeks ago already. Ofcourse I too participated in the event: first day as a seller and second day just hanging out. The second day was really sunny and warm and I have to admit I got a little too hot in my dress although it is made of light weight cotton, but you know what happens when it comes to black fabric and sun shine and all.

I made the dress myself about a year ago when I still had this style in my collection. The pattern is from a German sewing magazine called Beyers Mode from 1954. I only made few alterations to the pattern such as lengthen the bodice which is something I quite often find myself doing with German patterns especially. The fabric is a lovely light weight, high thread count cotton with pink forget me nots on black background. I bought the fabric from a near by fabric wholesaler, but it hasn’t been available for a long time any more, which is a shame cause I really like it. I think the pattern has a nice vintage feel to it.

My hair is already a bit messy after strolling around and participating on a dance lesson.

The hat is actual 50’s and found from the exciting world of Ebay. It is labelled Betmar and it’s made of straw braid I suppose. I just love the detail on the crown. The blush pink shoes are from the 70’s but I chose them because I thought they would be suitable for dancing and because the color matches the dress. I also had a purse, but I forgot to grab it for the picture.


I'm a clothing designer by education and a self taught seamstress. I fell in love with vintage fashion some 5 years ago and haven't looked back since. I sew the majority of my wardrobe myself, so you'll probably see a lot of vintage reproduction here. My favourite decades are the 40's and 50's.

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